As we start this unprecedented school year, our sons will be busy making new friends, reconnecting with current friends, diving into their class schedules, and looking forward to extracurricular activities hopefully sooner than later!  We know moms (and dads!) experience the same excitement. Whether you are a new or returning TCU Sigma Chi Mom (or parent), we want to welcome you and assure you that even though these four years will pass quickly, you have a place in the Moms Club.


The TCU Sigma Chi Moms Club is a social and volunteer organization that contributes to our sons’ chapter in several ways.

  1. In a typical year, we host three main events:  Family Weekend, Moms Weekend, and Dads Weekend.  Those events are full of fun, unique gear, and fundraising opportunities.

  2. In a typical year, we plan and provide six delicious meals at the chapter house for our Sigma Chis

  3. In the Spring, at Moms Weekend, we award achievement scholarships to any member in good standing with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.

  4. We also helps with funds for rush activities, we make a donation to the chapter’s Derby Day philanthropy, and we help with items on the chapters “Annual Wish List”.


We do hope that you will join. Membership deadline is December 1.  At that time, only those who have joined will recieve future communications and invitations to special events. We believe that participation in the TCU Sigma Chi Moms’ Club can make your memories here meaningful, positive, and fun!

This year, dues are $110 per mother (or parent) and include a FREE t-shirt! Deadline is December 1

 Join Today!